Wholesale Training Camp

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If you are checking out this page, that means you’ve thought about wholesaling houses as a business. The information we offer is free and we will never charge you. There are no $25,000 programs or even $5000 programs! This is simply a place where you can get information about how you can start your own wholesaling business. We may offer 1-on-1 coaching in the future, however that is currently not available.


You may be asking yourself “Why would they offer the information for free when everyone else charges thousands of dollars?” There are 2 reasons: Number 1 – I wish someone had shown me how simple it can be to get started wholesaling, so I guess you could say I’m paying it forward. Number 2 is a little more selfish – we will be expanding our wholesaling business to additional markets and if there are individuals that are willing to educate themselves on the business, it would make expanding into those markets and using our marketing resources much easier with their help.

What’s Next?

There is a Wholesaling 101 eBook available that will give you the outline you need to get started. If you fill out the form below you will receive an email with the eBook attached, some additional information about Wholesaling Training Camp and other useful info about starting a productive wholesaling business.

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