4 Reasons Your House Can Fall Out of Escrow

Posted by Alex Martin // May 5, 2017

reasons houses come out of escrow

Most home sellers cannot wait for the moment that there is an offer they can accept. However, the challenge of selling a house doesn’t end there. A sale on a house is never final until the papers are signed and the keys (and money) changes hands at closing. Once you accept an offer your house […]

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Should I Sell My House or Turn it Into a Rental?

Posted by Alex Martin // April 19, 2017

rental house

If you have reached the point of needing or wanting to purchase a new home, you need to decide what to do with your existing house. The majority of homeowners decide to sell their house when moving; however, there is another option. Homeowners interested in becoming real estate investors are deciding to turn their current […]

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Should I Sell My House? 4 Reasons Now is the Time

Posted by Alex Martin // April 14, 2017

Spring has sprung and the busy real estate season is upon us. Every year when the snow melts and the “for sale” signs start popping up in yards around the state homeowners start to question, “Should I sell my house?”. While the answer can differ based on your specific situation there are 5 great reasons […]

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Is Anyone Offering Cash For Homes In Ohio?

Posted by Alex Martin // March 1, 2017

Cash for homes – does that sound too good to be true? As a whole, society is skeptical of things like this. However, if you are a motivated seller this is one option you do not want to overlook. There are legitimate companies that will pay cash to buy your home. The trick sellers need […]

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5 Proven Ways to Help Your House Sell

Posted by Alex Martin // February 22, 2017

prepare your house for sale

If you are like most homeowners trying to sell their house, you want it to sell fast. Chances are you don’t want to see your house sit on the market month after month. While there are no guarantees as to what will make you house sell, there are 5¬†things you can do to help the […]

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Are You Wondering ‘How Can I Sell My House Quickly?’ You Have Options!

Posted by Alex Martin // February 18, 2017

sell house fast

There aren’t many sellers on the market that want to see their house sit on the market for months. Most people, whether they want to sell or have to sell, want their house to sell fast.¬†Most sellers invest time and money into getting their homes ready to sell only to see them sit on the […]

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Are there companies that buy houses for cash? Get the Details on Home Buying Companies and more

Posted by Alex Martin // February 6, 2017

Companies that buy houses for cash

Are Companies that Buy Houses For Cash Legitimate? Have you noticed the “we buy houses” signs that are posted up all around your town? The offer can be tempting, especially to sellers that are ready to unload their house quickly. Many homeowners never try contacting these companies though, because it seems too good to be […]

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Looking for We Buy Houses reviews? Look no further

Posted by Alex Martin // January 29, 2017

We Buy Houses Reviews

You have probably noticed signs in your area from companies that say “we buy houses”.

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What you should know if you have a home in Delaware County Probate Court

Posted by Alex Martin // January 24, 2017

Delaware County Probate Court

The majority of people that have a house in the Delaware County Probate Court are experiencing a lot of emotion. They have just lost a family member or loved one, which is difficult to deal with, and then they are forced to deal with legal matters.

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Reasons You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer Columbus Ohio

Posted by Alex Martin // January 20, 2017

Real Estate Lawyer Columbus Ohio

There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to sell your house. Most homeowners understand the importance of working with a real estate agent, however they are unsure of what other professionals should be involved in the process.

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